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Welcome To The Greater Buford Athletic Association


Greater Buford Athletic Association

Buford Baseball & Softball


2019 Registration Is Now Open for All leagues:

Recreational Baseball - TeeBall-Pony

Softball Leagues - 6U-14U

Rookie Ball League - Boys & Girls


***Prices for all leagues will increase as of January, 7th 2019


[Prices after Jan.7th, 2019]

Rookie Ball - $105

Baseball - Tee Ball, Pee-Wee, Minor, Major & Pony - $145

Softball - All Ages - 6U-14U - $145


(Players are NOT allowed to play up or down a league.)

(They MUST play in the appropriate League in which their birth year places them.)


Important Dates & Information For Spring 2019



2019 Walk Up Registration Information for All leagues:

WHEN: Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019 - 5:30PM - 7:00PM

WHERE: Buford Youth Football Complex - Meeting Room 


Registration Close - Wednesday, January 30th
Evaluations - Saturday, February 2nd (weather permitting)
Parade & Opening Day  - Saturday, March 9th
GBAA Baseball FAQs
1. What days are practice?
Practices are typically Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday. 

2. What days are games?
Same options as practice days. 

3. How many days a week will there be games or practices?
Usually about 2 times per week depending on the number of teams in each league.
Rookie league only practices 1-2 per week and typically plays 1-2 games per week.
4.When are the evaluation dates, times and locations? Dates, times and field number will be posted by mid January. The date is subject to change based on weather. 

5.How long is the season?
Games run from March until about the first week in May. 

6. When will practices start?
Once coaches select teams practices will start immediately. This is typically the first week in February.
7. What should I bring to evaluations?
Please bring your glove, helmet and bat. Keep in mind that peewee, tball and rookie ages require chinstraps and facemasks on batting helmets.
8.  What bats are allowed?
The park does not require bats to have the USA Baseball stamp.  However, all bats must have either the USA Baseball or BPF 1.15 stamp.  Additionally, there are restrictions on the diameter of the barrel.
Rookie / Tball - Bat barrels cannot exceed 2 1/4".  Bats should have the USA Baseball or BPF 1.15 stamp.
Peewee - Bat barrels cannot exceed 2 5/8".  Bats should have the USA Baseball or BPF 1.15 stamp.



***Payment for each league is required upon completion of registration. If payment is not made in FULL,  your registration will be deleted and the player associated will be removed from their respective league.

Field Schedule
Field 1 - Buford OPEN (1/22) 
Field 2 - Buford OPEN (1/22) 
Field 3 - Buford OPEN (1/22) 
Field 4 - Buford OPEN (1/22) 
Field 5 - Buford OPEN (1/22) 
Field 6 - Buford OPEN (1/22) 
Field 7 - Buford OPEN (1/22) 
Field 8 - Buford OPEN (1/22) 
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